It is our constant aim to ensure all events of the day are executed with impeccable service. To ensure your day’s activities run flawlessly we do a rehearsal to set your mind at ease so that on the day all the “little things” have been attended to. In a nut shell you and your bridal retinue need to set the scene for your guests to enjoy.   As you are the centre of attention and you need to give the best performance of a lifetime which comes but once; there is no opportunity to re-walk the entrance into the Chapel or re-do the opening dance on the night. Toadbury recognizes the fact that weddings are full of various events and not as simple as it seems and have allocated as part of your planning a time to rehearse your wedding.

This is the time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of the planning as the following week the ‘Show will go on’. There will be no better time to choreograph your wedding and walk the walk through all the formalities and obstacles so that every little detail will be attended to on your dream day. To de-stress you and your retinue we have developed various packages for you to enjoy your rehearsal to the fullest and to relax with your retinue as the following week will be a hustle and bustle with no time to say thank you for all the time the retinue have spent assisting with the planning of the wedding.

Rehearsal Dinners

We have prepared 2 x romantic set menu’s to choose from.

Rehearsal Dinners and Stay Overnight Package

Enjoy a romantic dinner and overnight stay which will give you a teaser of the big day !

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