Where we are now

Here are some of the things we are already doing:

  • Toadbury Hall is the only member of the Green Line Heritage Association in the greater Johannesburg region – this is our commitment to you and to nature conservation. As a member of the Green Line Heritage Association it signifies that we meet internationally recognized standards of responsible practice.
  • Toadbury Hall meets the national standard for responsible tourism and this means that once the Department of Tourism launch their national programme, we would automatically receive certification from them.
  • Low energy light bulbs have been installed throughout the property.
  • Dual flush cisterns have been installed and will continue to be introduced as refurbishment takes place.
  • Used printer cartridges are recycled and a local school benefits from the sale of these re-conditioned cartridges.
  • Newspapers are supplied only upon request to avoid unnecessary wastage.
  • No insecticides or fungicides are used in the gardens and grounds.
  • Green waste generated by our team of gardeners is matured into nutrient-rich compost on site and then added back into the gardens.
  • Watering of the gardens is carried out using water pumped from underground springs and is done during the night where possible.
  • We have cultivated our own herb garden for use by the hotel kitchen.
  • A variety of other produce is either grown or foraged from the grounds and used in preparation of seasonal dishes in Wild Wood and Otter’s House.
  • Glass is actively sorted into green, brown and clear before being recycled.
  • Some plastics and cans are currently recycled and we hope to increase the level once improved facilities are in place.
  • We serve Organic tea and coffee.
  • Where possible our suppliers are locally based and the produce we buy is grown locally to reduce transport costs whilst supporting local businesses.
  • We encourage our suppliers to reduce their packaging and recycle if at all possible.
  • We promote awareness of the environment among our employees and work with them to ensure their impact on it is minimal.

Where we are heading …

  • We hope to be able to reduce our paper consumption further.
  • Any further refurbishment plans will take into account the most recent developments in ways to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • We plan to reduce our general waste further by increasing the amount of recycling.
  • On-going staff training and development on environmental issues.

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