With the smell of sun tan lotion and bronze bodies still top of mind during the summer holidays, you may wonder why on earth we are talking about winter weddings today. Well, chances are that the long awaited proposal may happen this December. Statistically December and February are proposal months. Keeping in mind that it takes a few months to put a smashing wedding party together, you may have a wedding band on your finger as soon as April or May.

Brides tend to shy away from winter weddings, in fear that their dream of the perfect strapless wedding gown will not come to life. In fact, if glamour is your thing, winter weddings make it that much easier – think faux fur, pretty pashminas – all which can off course be discarded for the special first dance. So with that misconception out of the way, let’s look at some fabulous winter wedding trends that will make you wonder why you have not booked your winter wedding yet.

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Looking at winter 2019 trends one can always take a leaf out of the Pantone Colour Institute’s colour trend book. Famous for dictating colour trends which eventually spill over into just about every other industry from fashion to décor, and yes, also wedding décor, it’s wise to pay attention to their predictions

Two of the colour trends released from The Pantone colour Institute for 2019 are “Cravings” and “Classico”.  Both make wonderful winter themes – not only for your décor, but also for wedding nibbles and drinks.

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“The Shades in “Craving” are meant to tempt the eye as well as the taste buds with spicy reds, sweet flamingo orange and rich purples. Allusions to fetish foods such as peppers and chocolates, are tempered by the warmth of a neutral Cappuccino shade and grassy green shade”, according to a Yahoo.com source.

Feeling inspired by this delectable theme? So you should. Immediately a chocolate and chili shot on arrival comes to mind, in front of the fireplace. Add elements such as a decadent fillet with a chocolate chili sauce, or a divinely layered chocolate wedding cake and your Cravings theme is well on its way to become the wedding talk of the town.

Red drinks anyone? The Dirty Shirley, Red Velvet Lattes and Spiced Cranberry Rose Spritzers all seem like a fine idea to me.  The sultry cravings theme can also be rolled out to wedding décor item, so don’t shy away from rich red centrepieces or dark red rose touches to you décor.

Executive Chef – Juan Kraukamp at Toadbury recommends lovely soups, stews, oxtail and hearty menus for winter, laced with a touch of Port or red wine to add flavour and fragrance.

The 2019 colour trend or Classico theme brings about another sultry colour – deep teal – ideal for a very elegant winter wedding. “The hues in “Classico” skew more elegant with a nod to style fundamentals. This is the palette where a “graceful swan white” and shades of camel pair perfectly with deep teals, gray flannels, burgundy reds, and caviar blacks”, Elle Decor reports. For winter weddings the teal, camel and black theme extends beautifully to brides maids dresses, elegant groom’s men and striking table décor.

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While the 5-star Toadbury Hall is famous for its landscaped gardens, winter is in no way shy of perfect photo opportunities. Bare trees and beige forests, rough rocky backgrounds, a scenic jetty and dam, lavish lounge, a winding staircase – it’s all there for the perfect romantic shot. Add to your Classico theme a photo booth set up, sporting a dreamy teal velvet chair for classic photos to be remembered.

Also trending for 2019, is event branding at weddings. Sounds like a foreign concept? Not necessarily. When a wedding looks “put together”, your event branding is spot on. Think of it as a brand identity for your wedding. And it’s very achievable with a bit of planning and a lot of help from our friend Pinterest.

“No matter the style, cohesive and consistent event branding for weddings is becoming more of the norm. As you can imagine, it starts long before the wedding weekend”, Everygirl.com reports. “Your save the dates and invitations are the first hint to guests what your wedding will be like, and more brides are turning to custom stationery companies to handle designing and producing every element from start to finish.”

Wedding signs and signage, monogrammed napkins, wax-sealed, hand-delivered invites and laser engraved gifts all form part of the event branding of your wedding. This ties in nicely with the trend for smaller weddings where less is more, and quality reigns over quantity.

Cherie Heine and Ashley Heine recently got married in the heart of winter and would not have it any other way: “The venue was gorgeous and we fell in love with the Toad Chapel instantly. The reception was cozy, looked gorgeous and the fireplaces created the perfect atmosphere for a winter wedding! All our guests are still talking about our wedding as being the best they have been to!”

Toadbury Hall Country Hotel caters for small intimate weddings from 10 to 80 guests, in line with the trend to rather invite less guests, and pamper them to no end. Depending on your inclination, you could be treating your nearest and dearest to an intimate wedding in one of several venues including the Toad Hall, Toad Chapel, Toad Gardens, Gazebo or the Rose Chapel and Gardens. With 25 hectares within the Cradle of Humankind and a spot right next to the Crocodile River, it’s easy to see why brides fall in love over and over again.

A picture paints a thousand words and we invite you to click on our Pinterest Board for magnificent winter wedding inspiration.

So what kind if girl are you – will it be “Cravings” or “Classico” for your 2019 winter wedding? With superb winter wedding offers available, your dream wedding is just a click away.